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ATP Tennis Prize Money Up for Grabs at the 2020 ATP Cup

The 2020 tennis season on the ATP Tour for men players kicks off this week at the ATP Cup which is taking place in Australia from January 3-12, 2020. Here is a list of the prize money up for grabs this week for the players in the 2020 ATP Cup.

The ATP Cup is a team event featuring 24 teams with three players each from 24 different countries. Players for the teams are selected based upon their ATP rankings. The top three players from each country are eligible to play. If a player cannot play or chooses not to play the next ranked player from that country becomes eligible.

The way the tournament works is that the 24 teams are divided into six different groups of four teams each who will play round-robin matches. The six group winners plus the two highest second place teams will then advance to play in the quarterfinals. The winners in the quarters will then advance to the semifinals with the winners there advancing to the Finals where a winner will be determined.

The prize money for the 2020 ATP Cup is a whopping $15 million. So there is a huge amount of money up for grabs for the players this week.

This event suffered a major blow when Roger Federer announced he will not play due to family reasons. Federer's withdrawal knocked Team Switzerland from the event with Bulgaria taking their place.

ATP Tennis Prize Money Up for Grabs at the 2020 ATP Cup

Every player in the 2020 ATP Cup will receive a participation fee. The amount of money for the participation fee is based upon how highly ranked each player is.

The highest ranked player for each team receives the highest participation fee as follows:

Highest Ranked Player Participation Bonus 

  • Players ranked 1-3 will each get $250,000

  • Players ranked 4-6 each get $225,000

  • Players ranked 7-12 each get $200,000

  • Players ranked 13-18 each get $180,000

  • Players ranked 19-24 each get $75,000

So any player like Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic who is ranked as the #1, #2 or #3 player in the world will get $250,000 just for participating in the event.

Players like Daniil Medvedev and Dominic Thiem who are ranked #4 and #5 in the world will each get $225,000 for participating in the tournament.

Second Highest Ranked Player Participation Bonus

  • Players ranked 1-10 will each get $200,000

  • Players ranked 11-20 each get $150,000

  • Players ranked 21-30 each get $75,000

  • Players ranked 31-50 each get $60,000

  • Players ranked 41-100 each get $45,000

  • Players ranked 101-200 each get $30,000

  • Players ranked 201-300 each get $20,000

  • Players ranked over 301 each get $15,000

The 2nd highest ranked player for each team gets the money listed above based upon his overall ranking. For example, Roberto Bautista Agut from team Spain is the second highest ranked player on his team (Rafael Nadal is #1 ranked player from Spain). Agut is ranked #10 in the world so he receives $200,000 for participating.

Third Highest Ranked Player Participation Bonus

  • Players ranked 1-100 will each receive $20,000

  • Players ranked 101-300 each get $12,500

  • Players ranked 301 and up each get $7,500

In addition to the participation bonus, players also earn money for each win as follows,

#1 Player for Each Team Win Value

  • Final Win - $290,400

  • Semifinal Win - $151,000

  • Quarterfinal Win - $78,350

  • Round-Robin Group Stage Win - $39,400

As an example, if Novak Djokovic as the #1 player on Serbia wins the Final he will get $290,400 for that win.

If Djokovic also wins in the semis, the quarters and records three round-robin group stage wins he will earn $637,950. Add in the participation bonus of $250,000 for $887,950. He can also win more prize money as shown below.

Per Player Payouts for Each Team Win

Each player on each team gets the following payouts for each team win regardless of whether or not they played in the match

  • Final Win - $48,760

  • Semifinal Win - $29,280

  • Quarterfinal Win - $17,620

  • Round-Robin Group Stage Win - $9,850

So every player in the 2020 ATP Cup will earn prize money from the participation fees and for each win and each team win. The tournament is designed from a prize money perspective to get the highest ranked players in the world from each team to play each other.

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