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WTA Women's Tennis Prize Money up for Grabs at the 2019 US Open Grand Slam

The 2019 US Open tennis tournament for women players on the WTA circuit is taking place this month from August 26 to September 8, 2019, on the outdoor hard courts at USTA National Tennis Center located in Flushing, New York. Here is a list of the prize money up for grabs for the women tennis players at the 2019 US Open.

The 2019 US Open offers the largest prize fund for women tennis players for this season. Total prize money up for grabs at the 2019 US Open is a record $57.24 million. That is up eight percent from last year's prize money fund. Of that total a record $21.43 million will be paid out to women singles tennis players as shown below. All prize money figures below come directly from the US Open website.
All prize money below is in American dollars. The prize money is not cumulative, the women players only earn the amounts shown for the last round they advance to.
After each round the percentage increase in the prize money for the women players from last year is shown in parenthesis. The prize money is barely increased for some rounds for the women players but has been increased substantially in others, especially in the early rounds.
The highest ranked women playing in the 2019 US Open are Naomi Osaka, Ashleigh Barty, Karolina Plaiskova, and Simona Halep. Three American women are seeded in the top 11. Serena Williams is #8, Madison Keys is #10 and Sloane Stephens is seeded #11.

WTA Women's Tennis Prize Money Up for Grabs at the 2019 US Open

  • Winner - $3.85 million (up 1 percent from 2018)
  • Runner-up - $1.9 million (up 2.7 percent)
  • Semifinalists - $960,000 (up 3.8 percent)
  • Quarter-finalists - $500,000 (up 5.3 percent)
  • Fourth Round - $280,000 (up 5.3percent)
  • Third Round - $163,000 (up 4.5percent)
  • Second Round - $100,000 (up 7.5percent)
  • First Round - $58,000 (up 7.4percent)

Qualifying Prize Money

Women players who are not ranked high enough coming into the 2019 US Open can attempt to play their way into the main draw of the Grand Slam by playing in qualifying rounds. In order to qualify for the main draw, a woman player has to win three qualifying matches.
  • 1st round - $11,000 (up 37.5 percent)
  • 2nd round - $18,000 (up 12.5 percent)
  • 3rd round - $32,000 (6.7percent)
The prize money shown for qualifying rounds is how much each woman player who loses in that round gets. Women players who win in the 3rd round advance to the main draw where they will win whatever money is shown for the round they advance to there. A woman player who wins all three qualifying rounds is guaranteed at least $58,000 this year.
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