Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Photos of Tennis Star Katie Swan in 2019

Unless you are a real tennis nut you might not know who Katie Swan is but the 20 year old English pro tennis player is one of the prettiest women in tennis in 2019. To show that, here are some hot photos of Katie Swan in 2019. 

                                                     (Photo by Diliff)

Katie Swan was born on March 24, 1999, in Bristol, England. 

                                                   (Photo by Pete Menzel)

So far in her tennis career, Katie Swan has has yet to win a WTA title but she has won 6 ITF women's singles titles.

                                                         (Photo by Keith Allison)

Katie's career earnings are over $320,000. Women tennis players can earn pretty good money in 2019.

                                            (Photo by Peter Menzel)

At the Grand Slam tennis events, Katie Swan had her best showing at Wimbledon in 2018 when she reached the second round. Wimbledon has already extended a wild card invite to Katie for the 2019 tournament.

                                                     (Photo by Diliff)

Watch for beautiful Katie Swan at Wimbledon in 2019 and all the other WTA events she plays in for the rest of this year and beyond. Katie is arguably the cutest woman tennis player in the game in 2019. Don't you agree?

                                         (Photo by Peter Menzel)

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