Saturday, May 25, 2019

WTA Women's Tennis Prize Money Up for Grabs 2019 French Open Grand Slam at Roland Garros

The 2019 French Open Grand Slam tennis tournament for women players on the WTA circuit is taking place this month from May 26 to June 9, 2019, on the clay courts at the Stade Roland Garros located in Paris, France. Here is a list of the prize money up for grabs for the women tennis players at the 2019 French Open.

The 2019 French Open is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments on the WTA circuit which means it easily has one of the highest prize money funds in tennis in 2019. Actual prize money at the 2019 French Open is $47.8 million.  

All prize money below is in American dollars converted from Euros. The prize money is not cumulative, players only earn the amounts shown for the last round they advance to. 

The highest ranked women playing in the 2019 French Open are Naomi Osaka from Japan, Simona Halep from Romania, Karolina Pliskova from Czechia and Kiki Bertens from the Netherlands. Serena Williams is playing and is ranked #10 seed.

After the prize money from each round the percentage increase from last year is also shown in parenthesis. As you can see below, the prize money at the top is virtually the same as last year but has been increased significantly for the lower rounds and qualifying rounds.

Women's Tennis Prize Money Up for Grabs 2019 French Open Grand Slam at Roland Garros

  • Winner - $2.58 million (same as 2018)

  • Runner-Up - $1.322 million (same)

  • Semifinalists - $661,183 (up .2%)

  • Quarter-finalists - $465,069 (up 5%)

  • Fourth Round - $272,317 (up 5.2%)

  • Third Round - $160,252 (up 5.7%)

  • Second Round - $97,497 (up 5.8%)

  • First Round - $51,550 (up 10.5%)

Qualifying Rounds Prize Money at the 2019 French Open

The following shows the payouts for the qualifying rounds at the 2019 French Open. The money shown is for the losers in each qualifying round. Players who win all three qualifying rounds move into the main draw and are guaranteed at least first round money there as shown right above.  

  • 1st round - $7,845 (up 12.1%)

  • 2nd round - $13,728 (up 7%)

  • 3rd round - $26,896 (up 9.8%)

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