Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Kentucky Derby Super High 5 Bet has Paid an Average of $230,698 Per Year

The super high five bet was first introduced for the Kentucky Derby in 2009, and since then the bet has paid out an average of $168,000 for each winning $1 ticket when the bet has been hit. To win a super high five bet a bettor has to have the first five finishers in a horse race in exact order.

The super high five is a relatively new bet in horse racing and it is generally not wagered on by bettors in anywhere near the popularity of the superfecta and trifecta bets. When no bettor has picked all five horses correctly the money wagered in the Super Hi Five pool gets carried over into the next racing day. The bet has only been won five times in the Kentucky Derby (the money was carried over the other times).

As you can see below when the wager has been hit it pays a huge amount of money for a very small amount bet. That is the way to bet on the horses to try and get rich.

Kentucky Derby Super High 5 Bet has Paid an Average of $230,698 Per Year

Here's a list of all the super high five payouts for the Kentucky Derby since the bet introduced in 2009 and someone actually won the wager. From 2009 until 2013 nobody hit the bet and all the money wagered was rolled over to the next racing day.

Kentucky Derby super high five payouts

1. 2019 Kentucky Derby - $544,186.00

2. 2017 Kentucky Derby - $493,349.00 (wager won with less than $1 bet)

3.  2018 Kentucky Derby - $183,590.00

4. 2014 Kentucky Derby - $149,765.00

5. 2015 Kentucky Derby - $6,658.00

6. 2016 Kentucky Derby - $5,795.00

Adding all six payouts up and dividing by six we come up with an average payout of $230,698.00 for each $1 winning ticket. The super high five bet is super hard to hit but bettors will likely be well rewarded if they can manage to hit it in the 2019 Kentucky Derby.

Good luck to all the horses, jockeys, trainers, owners and especially the bettors in the 2019 Kentucky Derby!

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