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H​ow to Get Rich Betting On the Kentucky Derby in 2019

The 2019 Kentucky Derby is set to go off this Saturday, May 4, 2019, at famed Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky with a post time of 6:50 pm and the race is on NBC. Here's a list of ways you can follow to try and get rich betting on the Kentucky Derby in 2017.

Before we get to the list, betting on horse racing is gambling and nothing is guaranteed in ​gambling. All money you bet on the Kentucky Derby can be lost so do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

Listed below are six different ways you can bet on the 2019 Kentucky Derby to try and get rich. The key is to try to make a lot of money by betting small amounts and you can do that with most of the wagers listed below.

H​ow to Get Rich Betting On the Kentucky Derby in 2019

1. Bet the Super Hi Five

The Super Hi Five, also known as the Pentafecta, is a relatively new bet that can make you super rich for a very small amount of money wagered. To win the Super Hi Five bet you have to have the first five finishers in a race in exact order. 

It costs just $1.00 to make a Super Hi Five wager and the bet has paid an average of $167,829 over the last five years. One word of caution, though, if nobody correctly picks all five horses in the right order the money in the Super Hi Five pool gets carried over and not paid out. Still, it's worth at least a buck to try and get rich in 2019.

See the highest paying Super Hi Five payouts at Kentucky Derby Super Hi 5 has Paid an Average of $168,000 Per Year.

2. Bet the Superfecta

To win a superfecta bet you have to have all the first four finishers in a horse race in exact order. It's not an easy bet to win but it can pay huge amounts of money for a $1 bet and can make you rich in 2019 if you hit the Kentucky Derby superfecta.

In 2005, the Kentucky Derby superfecta paid $864,253.50 for each $1 winning ticket. No other bet on the 2019 Kentucky Derby can offer such a fantastic return on your money except the Super Hi 5. What's exciting about the superfecta is that the bet has paid over $90,000 for each winning $1 bet five times in the Kentucky Derby in the last 15 years. 

3. Bet the Trifecta

To win a trifecta bet you have to pick the first three finishers in the Kentucky Derby in exact order. An easier bet than the superfecta or the Super Hi 5 but  because it's easier to win it pays less.

Still, the trifecta can give you an excellent return on your money and make you rich. In 2005, the winning Kentucky Derby trifecta bet returned $133,134.80 for each winning $2 ticket.

4. Bet to Win

To cash a win bet ticket the horse you pick in the 2019 Kentucky Derby must win the race. The 2019 Kentucky Derby looks like a wide-open race with no big favorites and that can mean a very high-priced horse could win the race.

In 1913, a horse named Donerail won the Kentucky Derby and paid a race record $184.90 for each winning $2 ticket. Three times in Kentucky Derby history a horse has paid over $100 to win and the last two times were in 2009 and 2005.

That could happen again in 2019 and make you rich if you bet the right horse. Check out the Top 10 Highest Paying Win Horses in Kentucky Derby History

5. Bet to Place

To cash a place bet the horse you bet has to either win the 2019  Kentucky Derby or come in second place. Generally, place betting is not recommended but in the Kentucky Derby it is because there are up to 20 horses in the race.

In 2005, a horse named Closing Argument came in second place and paid $70.00 to place. Look over this list of the Highest Paying Place Horses in Kentucky Derby history and decide for yourself if it's worth a bet this year.

6. Bet the Exacta

To win the exacta you have to have the first two finishers in the Kentucky Derby in exact order. This fan favorite bet is much easier to win than the Super Hi 5, superfecta or trifecta is so it pays less but it can still pay off pretty good and it's not that hard to win.

In 2005, the exacta paid $9,814.80 for each winning $2 bet. That is a whopping return that would make you rich if you bet enough money on it.

Best of luck to all the horses and the bettors at the 2019 Kentucky Derby!

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