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Most Money Made by One Golf Caddie in One Year

What is the most amount of money that one golf caddie has ever made in a year? If you have ever wondered the answer to that question you have come to the right place for the answer.

First, let's go over how caddies are generally paid. Caddies for the best players in the world are typically paid a standard fee of $2,000 for each tournament they caddie in.

Caddies for the top golfers also get bonus money based upon how the player they are working for does in events. Typically, caddies get a 10% bonus for a win and 8% of all other winnings.

Here is how much a caddie for a top player might earn in a typical season. If the top player plays in 25 events his caddie will earn $50,000 as a standard fee ($2,000 per week). If the player earns $5 million for the year and wins two events his caddie will earn $200,000 plus for the two wins at 10% and another $240,000 (8% for all other winnings) for a total of $490,000.

The caddie who has made the most money in one year earned a whole lot more than $490,000 as you can see below.

Most Money Made By One Golf Caddie on One Year

  • $2.20 million

The most money or record amount that one golf caddie has ever earned in one year is the $2.20 million that Michael Greller earned during the 2015 season when he caddied for Jordan Spieth.

During the 2015 season Jordan Spieth won the following events. Michael Greller's share of the winning is listed in parenthesis after each win as 10% of what Jordan Spieth earned.

  • Hero World Challenge ($100,000)

  • Valspar Championship ($106,000)

  • Masters ($180,000)

  • US Open ($180,000)

  • John Deere Classic ($85,000)

  • Tour Championship ($149,000)

Michael Greller's earnings for the six tournaments Jordan Spieth won in 2015 (season) was $800,000. Jordan Spieth also earned another $5 million in 2015 from events which he did not win. Michael Greller earned 8% for those events for another $400,000.

Add that up and Michael Greller earned $1.2 million from the events Jordan Spieth played in. Also in 2015 Jordan Spieth won the FedEx Cup which paid him $10 million. Michael Greller got 10% of that for another $1 million bringing his total earnings for 2015 to a record $2.2 million.

The record listed here by Michael Greller is very likely to broken by another caddie during the 2019 golf season. That's because the FedEx Cup has vastly raised the amount of money the winner will get this season which should help another caddie shatter the record for most money made by one golf caddie in one year.

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