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How Much Money Did the Masters Golf Tournament Generate in 2019?

Do you have any idea how much money the Masters golf major tournament will generate in 2019? Here is a detailed answer to that question showing how the Masters generates enormous money revenue and how the tournament leaves an absolute fortune on the table annually.

The first thing to note about the Masters is that the tournament makes no money from their domestic TV rights. The Masters is shown in the United States for the cost of the broadcast and not a penny more. Why? So the Masters can have complete control over what you are watching.

It's estimated the Masters could generate an additional $100 million a year or more if they sold their domestic TV rights for a profit. Keep that in mind as you see the list below for how the Masters generates money.

How Much Money Will the Masters Golf Tournament Generate in 2019?

  • $155 million

Here is how the Masters will generate $155 million in 2019. The different money generating ways are listed below by how much money each category will produce for the Masters this year.

  • Merchandise - $50 million

The Masters will sell merchandise to fans to the tune of $50 million in 2019. An incredible amount of money for clothing, hats, golf balls, mugs, glasses, shoes, collectibles, posters, artwork, signs and just about anything you can think of they put the Masters logo on including dog bowls.

  • Ticket sales for main event (Thurs-Sun) - $30 million

Some 250,000 people will pay $120 each to attend the Masters in person. A very reasonable price considering that some tickets go for over a $1,000 each on the secondary market. If the Masters wanted to they could generate double or triple the $30 million in ticket sales if they raised their prices to what the market would bear.

  • Corporate Sponsorship's - $30 million

The Masters only allows five companies, AT&T, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, UPS and Rolex, to sponsor the tournament. Each company pays $6 million annually for the sponsorship for $30 million total a year.

  • International TV Rights - $25 million

The Masters gets $25 million a year for their international TV rights. As noted above, the Masters gets nothing for their domestic TV rights beyond cost by choice so they can control the content.

  • Ticket sales for practice rounds (Mon-Wed) - $12 million

Some 150,000 people will pay $75 each to attend the three practice rounds on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday fans can watch the par 3 contest when wives and girlfriends usually caddie for the players.

  • Concessions - $8 million

The Masters charges very reasonable prices for their concession items but still generates $8 million a year for them. Sandwiches go for as little as $1.50 and most snacks are $1.00. Beer will cost you up to $5.00 for an import or craft product.

Add all that money up and you get $155 million for 2019. If the Masters wanted to it's likely the tournament could generate $300 to $400 million a year in revenue by charging going rates for American TV rights, ticket prices and concession products.

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