Monday, December 31, 2018

Why the College Football Playoff is a Complete Failure

The College Football Playoff (CFP) is now five years old and as the following statistics show it is a complete failure. As the stats below show there really is no reason to continue the CFP as it is currently being played.

The problem with the CFP is that the semifinal games have very rarely been competitive. Of the 10 semifinal games played through the 2018 season, only two have been competitive. The other eight games have all been blowouts or games where the outcome was never really in doubt after the first quarter.

Here are the stats for the 10 CFP semifinal games.

Average Scores for 10 CFP Semifinal Games

  • Winning Team - 39 points

  • Losing Team - 17 points

Games where the final score is 39-17 are non-competitive games. Two of the semifinal games were shutouts, and in five (half) the semifinal games the losing team scored seven points or less.

Who wants to sit through games like that? Only fans of the winning teams. For almost all other college football fans the semifinal games in the College Football Playoff have been un-watchable with just two exceptions.

During the 2014 season, Ohio State beat Alabama, 42-35, and during the 2017 season, Georgia beat Oklahoma, 54-48 in OT. The other eight CFP semifinal games have been absolute snooze fests for the vast majority of college football fans.

In contrast, the championship games have been much more competitive. Here's the stats for the championship game.

Average Scores for CFP Championship Games

  • Winning Team - 37 points

  • Losing Team - 29 points

Games where the final score is 37-29 are fun competitive games for college football fans. All of the championship games played so far went into the fourth quarter with the winner of the game in doubt. Only two of the 10 semifinal games went into the fourth quarter with the game in any doubt.

So the question for the College Football Playoff is why even play the semifinal games? Those games are not solving anything in determining a national champion. Why try to force fans to sit through games where 80% of the time the games are not competitive and boring to watch?

Based upon the fact that 80% of the CFP semifinal games played have been non-competitive blowouts, one has to come to the conclusion that the College Football Playoff is a complete failure.

Anybody out there want to sit through another 30-3 semifinal game shellacking?

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