Sunday, December 9, 2018

What is Unique About the 2018-19 College Football Playoff?

The 2018-19 College Football Playoff (CFP) is set with Alabama playing Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl and Clemson playing Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl. Something very unique and not seen before is taking place in the 2018-19 College Football Playoff. Do you have any idea what the unique thins is?

The very unique thing has never happened before in the CFP era, and may have never happened before in all of college football history. For most fans the unique event is something that they will love.

What is the unique event taking place this season in the College Football Playoff?

The two highest scoring teams in college football this season are playing each other!

Highest Scoring Teams in College Football in 2018

1. Oklahoma - 49.5 points per game

2. Alabama - 47.9 points per game

Oklahoma and Alabama are playing each other in the Orange Bowl in the College Football Playoff this season. Not only will this be the first time the two highest scoring teams in college football will be playing each other in the playoff, it's also the first time that either of the two highest scoring teams in college football have made the CFP.

This might also be the first time that the two highest scoring teams in college football have ever played each other with a national championship on the line.

For most college football fans this is great news. Most fans love high scoring games and consider them to be highly entertaining. What could be better than having the two highest scoring offenses playing each other for a chance to play for the national championship?

Combined, Oklahoma and Alabama averaged a whopping 97.4 points per game. That's almost 100 points. When has there ever been a college football game where the two teams  playing for the championship have averaged almost 100 points per game between them?

This author cannot think of another game where that has happened. In the first season with the College Football Playoff, Oregon (45.4 points per game) and Ohio State (44.8) played each other for the national championship while averaging 90.2 points per game.

That is a full touchdown less than the average for the Alabama vs Oklahoma game this season. So far in the CFP, there has only been one game that went over 100 points but that was last year's double OT 54-48 win by Georgia over Oklahoma.

Will we see the first non OT game in CFP history this season where the teams combine for over 100 points?

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