Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Why Would Anyone Want to Play with Patrick Reed in Ryder Cup?

After the 2018 Ryder Cup, Patrick Reed made it abundantly clear why nobody would want to play with him. Have you ever had to deal with someone in life who is never at fault? That's Patrick Reed.

Once the 2018 Ryder Cup was over, Patrick Reed wasted no time throwing everyone under the bus. Reed went 0-2 playing with Tiger Woods and had the gall afterwards to say that Tiger Woods apologized to him for how he (Tiger) played.

That is a total joke because Patrick Reed played at least as bad as Tiger Woods did and probably a lot worse. Tiger Woods does not have a good Ryder Cup record but he still had the class to be kind to Patrick Reed and offer an apology and what does Reed do? Throws the apology right back into Tiger Woods face.

Why Would Anyone Want to Play with Patrick Reed in Ryder Cup?

Patrick Reed also said he was blindsided because Jordan Spieth apparently did not want to partner with him anymore in the Ryder Cup. Instead, Jordan Spieth wanted to play with his lifelong friend Justin Thomas.

Nobody can blame Jordan Spieth for wanting to play with his longtime friend who was not on any previous Ryder Cup teams and could use the support as a rookie. And the partnership worked great as Spieth and Thomas went 3-1 together.

However it's also come to light that Patrick Reed has often joked how he carried Jordan Spieth on his back in the past when the two played together in the Ryder Cup. So do you see what Patrick Reed does and what kind of person he is?

If you win with him he is carrying you on his back. If you lose with him it is never his fault and if you show the decency and class to offer an apology, as any good teammate would do, Patrick Reed uses the apology to try and prove that it was the other person's play that caused them to lose.

Who wants to play with someone like that? Someone who takes all the credit for winning and none of the blame for losing?

If you want to have a happy life you stay as far away as possible from people like that. Good luck to anybody else who has to play with Patrick Reed in the future in the Ryder Cup.

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