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Belmont Stakes Superfecta Bet Has Averaged a Whopping $26,100 Payout Per Year

Want to get rich betting the Belmont Stakes? Based upon past history the best way to get rich betting the Belmont is to plunk down $2 on the superfecta. Since the bet was first introduced in 2000, the average payout for the Belmont superfecta is $26,100 per year.


That is a huge return for just a $2 bet. The superfecta does not always pay $26,100 per year but since 2000 when the bet was introduced, that has been the average payout. Some years the superfecta has paid a lot more than $26,100 and in other years a lot less than $26,100 but that is the average payout for the wager.

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Belmont Stakes Superfectas Bet Has Averaged $26,100 Payout Per Year

A few notes concerning the superfecta bet and the Belmont Stakes.

The superfecta bet was first offered for the Belmont in 2000. In some years the New York Racing Association or NYRA, which runs Belmont, has listed the winning superfecta for a $2 bet and in other years for a $1 bet. The $26,100 average is for a $2 bet.

In 2003, the year New York bred Funny Cide was trying to win the Triple Crown but lost in the Belmont to Empire Maker, the superfecta bet was not offered. That's because their were only six horses running in the 2003 Belmont Stakes.

In two other years, 2008 and 2014, there were dead heats in the Belmont Stakes that caused there to be two different superfecta payouts.

In 2008, two longshots dead-heated for third place causing two different payouts for the superfecta of $48,637 and $47,309.

In 2014, two horses dead-heated for fourth place (including California Chrome who failed in his Triple Crown bid) causing two different payouts for the superfecta of $22,934 and $15,232.

The average payout of $26,100 has been adjusted to account for the dead-heat years.

If you are a horse racing fan and a bettor the best way to try and get rich betting on the Belmont Stakes is to try and hit the superfecta bet. Since the superfecta was introduced in 2000 the average winning payout for the bet is $26,100 per year.

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