Tuesday, March 6, 2018

See NFL Minimum Salaries for the 2018 Season

Did you ever wonder what the minimum salary is for a NFL football player? Here is the list of minimum salaries that NFL players are guaranteed to earn for the 2018 season. The minimum salaries are part of the negotiated CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) between the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

There are seven different minimum salaries set for NFL players for the 2018 season. The different salaries are based entirely upon years of service. As you can see below, the lowest minimum salary a NFL player can make in 2018 is $480,000 and that is for rookie players or any player with zero NFL experience.

For each year or years of service in the NFL the minimum salary goes up as shown below until 10 years is reached. After 10 years of service the minimum salary stops going up. 

What counts as a year of service? If a player plays just one day in the NFL in any given year that counts as a year of service. 

See Minimum NFL Salaries for the 2018 Season

0 years - $480,000

1 year - $555,000

2 years - $630,000

3 years - $705,000

4 to 6 years - $790,000

7 to 9 years - $915,000

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