Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Top 3 Reasons Why New England Patriots Will Not Be in Super Bowl 53

Here are the three top reasons why the New England Patriots will not be in Super Bowl 53 next year. I'm not trying to knock the Patriots here, I've greatly admired what Belichick and Brady have accomplished over the last 17 years but things are working against them for 2018.

Does what I'm saying here guarantee the Patriots will not make it to Super Bowl 53? Of course not, great coaches and players can overcome just about anything but the Patriots will have to overcome the three huge hurdles listed below.

Top 3 Reasons Why New England Patriots Will Not Be in Super Bowl 53

3. Regression to the Mean

The Patriots made it to the Super Bowl in each of the last two seasons. Plenty of teams in NFL history (16 to be exact) have made it to the Super Bowl in consecutive years but only two teams, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, have made the Super Bowl three years in a row.

2. Hiring Greg Schiano as Defensive Coordinator

What has Greg Schiano ever won? He did a great job raising Rutgers to respectability but he never even once won a Big East title in 11 years.

His overall record at Rutgers in Big East play is a putrid 28-48 and he also never once beat West Virginia in 11 years. And don't forget there were only eight teams in the Big East. Despite having to play against just seven other opponents each season Greg Schiano could still never win a Big East title.

A lot of Rutgers players who played for Greg Schiano made it to the NFL but despite having great talent Schiano never won a Big East title.

At Tampa Bay, Schiano went 11-22 before getting fired. He then coached two years at the high school level (his kid was on the team) and then was defensive coordinator for Ohio State for the last two years.

In 2017, Schiano said the Ohio State defensive line was better than any defensive line in the NFL. Despite that claim, Ohio State did not win the national title and managed to give up 55 points to Iowa.

If anybody thinks Greg Schiano will help the Patriots get back to the Super Bowl good luck to you.

1. Tom Brady Cap Hit

During the 2017 NFL season Tom Brady was named the league MVP and his cap hit for the Patriots was only $14 million. That was the 37th highest cap hit among players.

It was a such a huge advantage for the Patriots to only take the 37th highest cap hit for the player who was the NFL MVP.

In 2018, the cap hit for the Patriots for Tom Brady climbs to $22 million. As of now that is the 10th highest in the NFL and it's $8 million more than it was this season.

That's $8 million less the Patriots will have in 2018.  Unless Tom Brady renegotiates his contract to a more friendly cap number, the Patriots will have to say goodbye to a handful of really good players that were on the team in 2017.

With less talent on the team the Patriots will have a tough time getting back to the Super Bowl.

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