Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tom Brady Real Secret to Success Revealed

You want to know why Tom Brady is such a huge success in the NFL? Brady is currently promoting his TB12 method for success but the real secret to his success in the NFL is much simpler.

Tom Brady is not greedy. That's the real secret to his success. Based upon his play, Tom Brady should be one of it not the highest paid player in the NFL but he's not.

For the 2017 season, the New England Patriots are only taking a cap hit of $14 million for Tom Brady's salary. That was the 37th highest cap hit for any player in the NFL.

Is Tom Brady the 37th best player in the NFL? Of course not. He's certainly in the top 10 or even top 5 or arguably the top player in the NFL.

Because the New England Patriots only have to take a cap hit of $14 million for Tom Brady that leaves the team a lot of free cap space to sign other top players which the Patriots have done and that's the key to the team's success.

The New York Giants had a horrible season in 2017 going 3-13. Eli Manning, the teams QB, cost the Giants almost $20 million in cap space, which was the 11th most in the NFL. Was Eli Manning the 11th best player in the NFL in 2017? Not even close.

Here are the 10 players who cost their teams the most in cap space.

1. Joe Flacco (Ravens) - $25 million

2. Carson Palmer (Cardinals) - $24 million

3. Kirk Cousins (Redskins)  - $23.94 million

4. Matt Ryan (Falcons) - $23.75 million

5. Justin Houston (Chiefs) - $22.1 million

6. Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins) - $20.31 million

7. Aaron Rodgers (Packers) - $20.3 million

8. Cam Newton (Panthers) - $20.2 million

9. Josh Norman (Redskins) - $20 million

10. Von Miller (Broncos) - $19.9 million

Only three of the teams who took the 10 biggest cap hits advanced to the NFL Playoffs this season and none of the three teams advanced to the conference championships.

This is real Moneyball at work here. It's such a huge advantage to have one of the best players in the NFL playing for you at a cost well below his actual value. That is the real secret to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots success.

Instead of paying Tom Brady full value the Patriots can retain and add valuable other players with the money Brady saves them ever year by taking a below market salary.

Eli Manning is scheduled to cost the New York Giants a cap hit of over $22 million in 2018. As of now, that is the 9th highest cap hit for 2018. Will Eli Manning be the 9th best player in the NFL in 2018? By overpaying Eli Manning the Giants cannot add valuable other players they would likely need for success.

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