Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Why Doesn't Greg Schiano Take Legal Action to Clear His Name?

The fallout from Tennessee backing out of a deal to have Greg Schiano as its next head college football coach is huge. People are blaming Tennessee fans and politicians for railroading Schiano and big name coaches like Bill Belichick and Urban Meyer are defending Schiano but one question remains.

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Why doesn't Greg Schiano take legal action to clear his name from the Jerry Sandusky scandal? Reportedly, Schiano's name is in court records in a civil case involving Penn State and its insurer at the time of the Sandusky affair. 

In that civil case, former Penn State grad assistant Mike McQueary, who witnessed Jerry Sandusky assaulting a boy in a shower, claimed that former Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley had told him that another assistant in the past had also witnessed Sandusky doing something to another boy in the shower. McQueary said that Bradley told him the assistant was Greg Schiano.

Schiano has vehemently denied the story and said he would have thrown Jerry Sandusky threw a wall if he witnessed him assaulting a boy. But why hasn't Greg Schiano brought legal action against Mike McQueary from bringing his name into the whole mess to begin with?

It's clear from the whole Tennessee hiring and then backing out of hiring Greg Schiano mess that if Greg Schiano ever wants another college football head coaching job he needs to clear his name entirely from the Jerry Sandusky scandal. What college is going to hire Greg Schiano as its head coach with his name being associated with the Sandusky scandal?

The only way Greg Schiano clears his name from the Jerry Sandusky scandal is to take legal action. Why doesn't he do it? He's got the money as he made $15 million in guaranteed money from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL.

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