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Tallest Women Golfers of All-Time

The following is a list of the tallest women golfers that I am aware of and have been able to find out about. If anybody knows of a tall woman golfer not on the list please leave a comment.

                                                    (Photo by Keith Allison)

The average height of woman in the United States in 2017 is 5' 4". As you can see below, all the women on the list are considerably taller than average. Does being tall help a woman play golf better? That's hard to say as there are many short women who play golf on the LPGA Tour today.

Who is the greatest tallest woman golfer of all-time? She's first on the list and she is in the World Golf Hall of Fame. All women golfers over 6' 0" are listed below as well as notable women golfers who are at least 5' 9" tall.

Tallest Women Golfers of All-Time

1. Carol Mann - 6' 3"

At a height of 6' 3", Carol Mann is believed to be the tallest woman golfer of all-time on the LPGA or any other professional tour. Carol Mann was a tremendous golfer who was born in Buffalo, New York and went to college at North Carolina - Greensboro. 

In her career, Carol Mann won 38 tournaments including two majors (that includes the U.S. Women's Open in 1965). Carol is in the World Golf Hall of Fame. She was named the PGA First Lady of Golf in 2008. Carol Mann passed away on May 20, 2018 at the age of 77.

2. Maia Schechter - 6' 2"

Maia Schechter has only played in one tournament on the LPGA Tour so far in her young career. At 6' 2", Maia is the tallest active woman golfer and 2nd tallest all-time behind Carol Mann. 

Maia Schechter grew up in Maryland and played golf in college for North Carolina. She is also a citizen of Sweden through her parents. She played her first full season of pro golf in 2017 on the Symetra Tour. She will need to improve to play full-time on the LPGA Tour in the future.

T-3. Tamara Johns - 6' 1"

Tamara Johns is a 38 year old women's golfer from Australia who has only played a handful of times on the LPGA Tour. Tamara has earned about $125,000 in her playing career in Australia.

T-3. Maude-Aimee LeBlanc - 6' 1"

Maude-Aimee LeBlanc is a 6' 1" tall 28 year old LPGA women's golfer from Canada. Maude-Aimee has yet to win a tournament but she has career earnings of over $300,000.

T-5. Sandra Gal - 6' 0"

Sandra Gal is a fun-loving 6' 0" woman golfer who was born in Germany and played golf in college for the Florida Gators. Sandra has won once on the LPGA Tour (2011 Kia Classic) and she has earned well over $4 million. Sandra Gal could have been a professional model but she chose to play golf for a living.

T-5. Emma Henrikson - 6' 0"

Emma Henrikson was born in Sweden and played in college for San Diego State. Emma was a rookie on the Symetra Tour in 2017 and she made one LPGA start this year.

T-5. Kim Kaufman - 6' 0"

Kim Kaufman was born in South Dakota in 1991. She played in college at Texas Tech and was a rookie on the LPGA Tour in 2014. Kim has played in over 100 tournaments in her career and has earned over $1.3 million.

T-5. Anna Nordqvist - 6' 0"

Anna Nordqvist from Sweden is 30 years old and she has won 8 times on the LPGA Tour including two golf majors. Anna has earned well over $8.5 million in her career and she now lives in Florida.

T-5. Lexi Thompson - 6' 0" (How tall is Lexi? I've seen her listed from 5' 10" to 6' 0")

Lexi Thompson is the biggest hitter on tour. Lexi has already won 9 times on tour and earned well over $9 million. She was robbed of another win in a major in 2017 when she was docked four strokes for supposedly improperly moving a ball she was going to putt by maybe a centimeter at the ANA Inspiration. 

T-5. Michelle Wie - 6' 0"

Michelle Wie has won five times on the LPGA Tour including the 2014 U.S. Women's Open. Michelle has earned well over $6.5 million on tour and lots more from sponsors.

Notable Women Golfers Who are 5' 11" Tall

  • Michelle McGann - 5' 11" (7 LPGA wins)

  • Phillis Meti - 5' 11" (from New Zealand)

  • Sharmila Nicollet - 5' 11" (has 11 wins in native India where she also models)

  • Emily Tubert - 5' 11" (LPGA rookie in 2017)

  • Jessica Korda - 5' 11" (father Petr won 1998 Australia Open in tennis then got banned for doping. Jessica has 5 LPGA wins)

Current LPGA Women Golfers Who are 5' 10" Tall

  • Cydney Clanton - 5' 10"

  • Laura Davies - 5' 10"

  • Celine Herbin - 5' 10"

  • Trish Johnson - 5' 10"

  • Katherine Kirk - 5' 10"

  • Brittany Lincicome - 5' 10"

  • Giulia Molinaro - 5' 10"

Three Notable Women Golfers Who are 5' 9"

  • Paula Creamer  - 5' 9" (10 LPGA wins and $12 million in earnings)

  • Natalie Gulbis - 5' 9" (over $5 million in earnings)

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