Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How Much Money Did Justin Thomas Make in 2017?

During the 2017 PGA season Justin Thomas dominated the scene winning 5 tournaments and the FedEx Cup. How much money did Justin Thomas make this season on the PGA Tour?

To answer that question I'm including all the money Justin Thomas won playing on the PGA Tour in 2017. That includes all official money plus unofficial money plus winnings for the FedEx Cup.

Justin Thomas is the PGA Player of the Year for 2017. JT won five times on tour this year - CIMB Classic ($1.26 million), Tournament of Champions ($1.22 million), Sony Open in Hawaii ($1.08 million), PGA Championship ($1.89 million) and Dell Technologies Championship ($1.575 million).

Justin Thomas also won the 2017 FedEx Cup which is worth $10 million. He also played in the QBE Shootout where he finished in 5th place and earned $91,666 in unofficial money.  

How Much Money Did Justin Thomas Make in 2017?

  • Justin Thomas (2017) - $20.01 million

Justin Thomas made a total of $20.01 million on the PGA Tour for the 2017 season. He made $9.912 million playing in official events (including the five wins listed above). He also earned another $91,666 playing in the QBE Shootout and he won another $10 million winning the 2017 FedEx Cup.

How does Justin Thomas' $20.01 million season stack up all-time? That is the 4th highest amount of money ever won by a golfer on the PGA Tour in one year. You can see the three players who have earned more than Justin Thomas did in one season here.

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