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See All of Jordan Spieth's Golf Sponsors in 2019

Here is a list of the companies that sponsor Jordan Spieth in 2019. Jordan Spieth won for the first time on the PGA Tour on July 14, 2013, at the John Deere Classic when he was 20 years old. He did not win again until 20 months later in March of 2015, but since then he has been the biggest winner in golf.

                                                 (Photo by Erik Charlton)

In 2015, Jordan Spieth won five times on the PGA Tour including the Masters and U.S. Open golf majors plus he also won the 2015 FedEx Cup. Spieth was named golfer of the year in 2015 and he has been the biggest name in golf since then which has made him a very marketable sports celebrity who has been able to get a lot of sponsors.

In actuality, many of the sponsors below signed Jordan Spieth as soon as he turned pro in 2013. If Jordan Spieth keeps winning golf tournaments, especially golf majors, the amount of money he makes from sponsorship deals is only going to keep growing.

It's estimated that Jordan Spieth makes some $35 million a year from the sponsors listed below.

Jordan Spieth Golf Sponsors in 2019

  • Under Armour

Under Armour was one of the first sponsors of Jordan Spieth when they signed him to a 10-year contract in 2015 even before he won his first major. Since then, Under Armour has upped the amount of money incentive they pay Jordan Spieth. It's estimated Jordan Spieth's contract with Under Armour is worth around $200 million.

Under Armour sells a pair of golf shoes called the Spieth One which is a best seller for the company.

  • AT&T

Jordan Spieth has done a number of TV commercials for AT&T and he has the AT&T logo on his golf bag. 

  • Coca-Cola

In early 2016, Jordan Spieth signed a huge endorsement deal with Coca-Cola to be a brand ambassador for the drink maker. The deal is one of the biggest Coca-Cola has ever given out to a pro athlete on the level of the deal LeBron James has to promote Sprite.

  • Titleist

Jordan Spieth has used Titleist golf balls since he was playing junior golf and he now plays with Titleist golf clubs too. 

  • Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense is a digital web company that builds websites including Jordan Spieth's own website. Perfect Sense signed Spieth for reportedly not a ton of money before he started winning majors and becoming such a huge star. The deal lasts through 2019.

  • Rolex 

Luxury watch maker Rolex is another big sponsor of Jordan Spieth. Rolex knew a good thing when they saw it and they signed Jordan Spieth back in 2013 before he had even won a tournament.

  • NetJets

NetJets is a worldwide private aviation company. They are a perfect fit for an athlete like Jordan Spieth who has to fly all over the country and the world for golf tournaments. 

  • SuperStroke

SuperStroke makes rubber grips for golf clubs, mainly putters, and they have been sponsoring Jordan Spieth since early 2014. 

Other companies Jordan Spieth deals with

Before 2018, Jordan Spieth used Lagardere sports management company to handle all his deals but when his agent Jay Danzi moved from Lagardere to rival WME Jordan Spieth moved with him. So now WME handles all of Jordan Spieth's deals.

Jordan Spieth also uses golf coach Cameron McCormick, MVP Index social media activation team to track his Twitter and other accounts, Physio/Chiropractor Dr. Van Biezen to keep him healthy, and Golf Digest also helps Jordan with his social media ventures.

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