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How Much Money Do PGA Golfers Get for Wearing Logos?

When you are watching golf on TV have you ever wondered how much money PGA golfers get for wearing logos on their hats and clothes? If you have wondered this article will give you the answers.

A few things to understand about logos and players first. A player like Tiger Woods who has had a longstanding and very lucrative deal with Nike will only wear Nike logos on his hat and shirt. Tiger Woods has been paid fantastically well by Nike for the prime advertising spots on his hat and shirts over the years.

So some PGA Tour players get paid by one company exclusively, while other will sell spots on their hats and shirts to different sponsors. How much do those spots go for?

How Much Money Do PGA Golfers Get for Wearing Logos?

Generally, depending on how big a golf star the player is, deals to appear on a hat and or the left-side of a shirtfront will go for anywhere from $250,000 to $2 million per year for a regular PGA Tour player. Obviously, the bigger the star a player is the more it will cost to buy out the space on his hat or shirt.

A logo that appears on the side of a players hat or on the collar of a players shirt or on a shirt sleeve will go for anywhere between $5,000 to $200,000 annually. Again, depending on how big a star the players is.

Players may also be able to get bonus money for wearing logos while appearing in big events like the Ryder Cup or the Presidents Cup. With only 12 players on each of those two teams, any players on the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup teams is sure to get TV time and that TV time is worth a lot of money to advertisers.

The PGA Tour does have some restrictions on what kind of ads can appear on players hat and shirts. No alcohol or tobacco ads (except for pipes and cigars) can appear on players hats or shirts. Gambling ads are also banned which costs players a pretty penny because the gambling sites would pay big bucks to appear on a golfers hat or shirt.

Also the ads can be no larger than 3 x 5 inches and must appear to be tasteful and in accordance with the general standards of decorum expected of professional golfers.

When players turn 50 years of age and start playing on the senior Champions Tour the amount of money they can get for hat and shirt ads declines to about $125,000 to $500,000 annually. That's about half of what regular PGA Tour players can get.

Players trying to make the PGA Tour playing on the Tour can generally get $25,000 to $50,000 annually for the ads. Far below what a PGA Tour pro gets or even what Champions Tour senior players can get.

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