Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gerina Piller is Far Better Golfer Than Husband

If you are a golf fan you have probably seen the Barbasol shaving cream ads featuring the husband and wife golfers Gerina and Martin Piller. Gerina plays on the LPGA Tour while husband Martin bounces back and forth from the Web.com to PGA Tour. (Martin has caddied for Gerina too at times)

                                           (Photo by Keith Allison)

In the Barbasol ad, Gerina and Martin Piller claim they are not competitive vs one another but then the ad shows they are as they compete in ping-pong and other games. Looking over the money stats from Gerina Piller's career on the LPGA and Martin's career on the Web.com and PGA Tours it's crystal clear the Gerina Piller is the far better golfer in the marriage.

Here are the golf stats for both Gerina and Martin Piller. Keep in kind that the money on the PGA Tour is roughly four times what the money on the LPGA Tour is for players to earn each year.

Gerina Piller is Far Better Golfer Than Husband Martin

Total Money Earned

  • Gerina Piller (LPGA) - $3.4 million

  • Martin Piller (PGA and Web.com) - $1.97 million

Money Earned Per Start

  • Gerina Piller (LPGA) - $22,125 per start

  • Martin Piller (PGA and Web.com) - $10,130 per start

So far in her LPGA career, Gerina Piller has earned $22,125 per start. She's started 154 times and earned $3.4 million. Gerina has yet to win a LPGA event, but she's still managed to earn a very respectable amount per start due to her 35 top 10 finishes in 154 career starts. 

Martin Piller has not fared anywhere near so well as his wife, earning just $10,130 per start. He's earned a total of $1.97 million in 194 career starts on the PGA and Web.com Tours combined. Martin has never won on the PGA Tour but he has won six times on the Web.com Tour (2nd most all-time behind Jason Gore's 7 wins)

His breakdown by tour is, 48 starts on the PGA Tour with $781,517 career earnings ($16,476 per start) and 146 starts on the Web.com Tour with $1,183,742 earnings ($8,108 per start). 

So even on the far more lucrative PGA Tour, Martin has not been able to earn anywhere close to what Gerina earns on the LPGA Tour. Martin has earned an average of $5,649 less per start playing on one tour that pays its member four times what the LPGA pays. (Web.com Tour pays about half what the LPGA does or less)

Any way you want to break down the money it's pretty clear Gerina Piller is the much better golfer in this marriage even though she's never won an event and Martin has won six times. Looks like Gerina is the one who is bringing home the bacon (Barbasol) in the marriage.

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