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How to Get Rich Betting the Belmont Stakes in 2018

The 149th running of the historic Belmont Stakes is taking place this Saturday, June 10, 2017, at Belmont Park located in in New York City in Elmont, New York. The Belmont is the third and last leg of horse racing's famous Triple Crown. Post time is 5:37 pm and the race is on NBC.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to bet on the Belmont Stakes this Saturday that could make you rich. The Belmont is a horse race and betting on a horse race is gambling and the outcome of any gamble is unsure so bet only money you can afford to lose. 
The key to trying to get rich betting on the Belmont is to bet a little money and try to win a huge payoff for that little money bet. Luckily for bettors the Belmont offers a wager where you can get rich for just a few dollars bet as outlined below. 
The winners of the Kentucky Derby (Always Dreaming) and the Preakness (Cloud Computing) are both skipping the 2017 Belmont. While that takes away some drama from the race it also opens up the betting as at least 10 horses will be competing in a wide open race which could mean big prices that can you make you rich this year.

How to Get Rich Betting the Belmont in 2017

1. Bet the Superfecta 
The best way to try and get rich betting on the 2017 Belmont is to try and hit the superfecta. To win the superfecta you have to have all four of the top finishers in the race in exact order. 
Not an easy bet to win but if you do win the superfecta it could certainly make you rich. Over the last 15 running's of the Belmont the winning superfecta has paid over $10,000 for each winning $2 bet 10 times. 
That means 2/3 of the time the Belmont superfecta paid over $10,000 for each winning $2 bet. That is a remarkable return on your money if you can win the bet and the winning ticket includes a few longshots.
In 2002, the Belmont superfecta paid a record $145,344.00 for each winning $2 ticket. The superfecta bet offers you the best way to make a lot of money from very small wagers in 2017. 
If you don't know who to bet why not try a combination of numbers from your life including birthdays. If you were born in 1975, you can bet a 1-9-7-5 superfecta. Who knows? It could be your lucky day.
Again, the superfecta bet has paid over $10,000 for each winning $2 ticket over 2/3 of the time in the Belmont since 2002. It's the best way to win a lot of money making small bets for the 2017 Belmont if you can win the bet.
2. Bet to Win 
Without the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winners in the race it's quite possible that a real longshot will win the 2017 Belmont. If that is the case you could make some good money if you have the winner. 
In 2008, this author bet $10 to win on a longshot horse named Da'Tara who won the Belmont and paid $79.00 for each winning $2 bet. So the author won $379.00 for his $10 bet. A handsome return for not a big wager. 
In 2002, a horse named Sarava won the Belmont and paid a record $142.50 for each winning $2 ticket. There is no guarantee that a longshot will win the 2017 Belmont but if one does it could make you a nice sum of money if you have the winner.
Good luck to all the bettors in the Belmont Stakes this Saturday! 
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