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Top 10 Highest Paying Trifectas in Kentucky Derby History

The Kentucky Derby has been run annually since 1875, but trifecta betting on the Kentucky Derby did not officially begin until 1994. To win a trifecta bet one has to have all three of the first finishers in a horse race in exact order.

The trifecta is not an easy bet to win which is why it often pays a lot of money. That is especially true in the Kentucky Derby because the race allows up to 20 horses vs the usual 12 horse maximum field for most horse races.

Here is a list of the top ten highest trifecta payouts in Kentucky Derby history up to the 2018 running. All payouts shown are for a $2 bet. I've listed all the Kentucky Derby's that had a payout of at least $3,000 for a $2 superfecta bet (actually listed 11 not 10 races).

If you like betting the Kentucky Derby and winning a lot of money for a small bet the trifecta is a pretty good deal. In 2014, California Chrome was the Kentucky Derby betting favorite and he won and the trifecta still paid enough to make this list.

Top 10 highest paying trifectas in Kentucky Derby history thru 2016

1. 2005 Kentucky Derby - $133,134.80

2. 2009 Kentucky Derby - $41,500.60

3. 2019 Kentucky Derby - $22,950.60 (paid $5,737.65 for $.50)

4. 2002 Kentucky Derby - $18,373.20

5. 2001 Kentucky Derby - $12,238.40

6. 2006 Kentucky Derby - $11,418.40

7. Kentucky Derby 2017 - $8207.20

8. 2013 Kentucky Derby - $6,925.60

9. 1999 Kentucky Derby - $5,866.20

10. 2011 Kentucky Derby - $3,952.40

11. 2008 Kentucky Derby - $3,445.60

12. 2014 Kentucky Derby - $3,424.60

13. 2012 Kentucky Derby - $3,065.60

Note: back in 2012 I wrote a similar article for a Yahoo site. In 2014, Yahoo took down that site and I then updated the article and published it on Examiner which went under in 2016. Some website called Zoom Dune has copied and pasted this article and has it posted on the Internet without my permission and as if he or she actually wrote the article.

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