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​Highest ​Superfecta ​Money Payouts in ​Kentucky Derby​ Horse Racing History​

The superfecta is a relatively modern bet in horse racing. To win a superfecta bet, a bettor must select the first four finishers in a horse race in exact order. It is not an easy bet to win, so the payoffs for superfectas can be astronomical.

That is especially true in the Kentucky Derby. In recent times, the Kentucky Derby has often been run with full fields of 20 horses. With that many horses in the race, it has been especially hard to win a superfecta bet on the Kentucky Derby, so the payouts on the bet have been very high.
These are the highest superfecta payouts in Kentucky Derby ​horse racing history. As a relatively modern addition to horse racing betting, the superfecta did not exist for the running of most of the Kentucky Derby's.
Out of the ten highest priced winners in Kentucky Derby history, in only three of the races was there superfecta betting. Each superfecta payout listed below is for a $1 bet.

Highest Superfecta Money ​Payouts in Kentucky Derby ​Horse Racing ​History
1. 2005 Kentucky Derby - $864,253.50
The largest superfecta payout in Kentucky Derby history came in 2005, when each $1 winning ticketwas worth $864,253.50. To win that superfecta, bettors had to have picked Giacomo (50.30 odds), Closing Argument (71.60), Afleet Alex (4.50), and Don't Get Mad (29.20) in that exact order.
A very hard bet to win, as three of the four horses were huge odds in the race. To those who did win the $864,253.50 superfecta for only a $1 bet in the 2005 Kentucky Derby, it was a life changing event.
2. 2009 Kentucky Derby - $278,503.20
The second highest superfecta payout in Kentucky Derby history came in 2009, when each winning $1 ticket was worth $278,503.50. To win that superfecta, bettors had to have picked Mine That Bird (50.60), Pioneerof the Nile (6.30), Musket Man (19.00), and Papa Clem (20.20) in that exact order.
While Mine That Bird was actually a slightly higher odds horse than Giacomo, because the other three horses in the superfecta had much lower combined odds than the other three superfecta horses in 2005, the 2009 superfecta payout was considerably less than in 2005.
Still, anyone who won the $278,503.20 superfecta payout for the 2009 Kentucky Derby had to be smiling.
3. 2010 Kentucky Derby - $101,284.60
The third highest superfecta payout in Kentucky Derby history came in 2010, when each $1 winning ticket was worth $101,284.60. To win the superfecta in 2010, bettors had to have Super Saver (8.00), Ice Box (11.70), Paddy O'Prado (12.30), and Make Music for Me (30.00) in exact order.
The 2010 Kentucky Derby was a bit unique. Even though there were 20 horses in the race, the highest odds horse was just 31.60 to one. So even though there was just one really high odds horse in the superfecta, the payout was still pretty high.
4. 2012 Kentucky Derby - $96,092.80
5. 2002 Kentucky Derby - $91,764.50
The 2002 Kentucky Derby produced the fourth highest superfecta payout of $91,764.50. To win the superfecta in 2002, bettors had to have War Emblem (20.50), Proud Citizen (23.50), Perfect Drift (7.90), and Medaglia d'Oro (6.90) in exact order.
The 2002 Kentucky Derby was unusual, as the first three finishers in the race, War Emblem, Proud Citizen, and Perfect Drift, basically came out of the gate and ran one, two, and three all the way around the track. Only the fourth place finisher, Medaglia d'Oro, came from off the pace.

6. 2017 Kentucky Derby - $75,974.50

7. 2001 Kentucky Derby - $62,986.90
The seventh highest superfecta payout in Kentucky Derby history came in 2001, when each $1 winning ticket was worth $62,986.90. To win the 2001 superfecta, bettors had to have Monarchos (10.50), Invisible Ink (55.00), Congaree (7.20), and Thunder Blitz (25.40) in exact order.
The key to the high superfecta payout in 2001 was the second place finisher, Invisible Ink, who went off at odds of 55.00 to one. Invisible Ink was not an impossible horse to bet, as he was trained by Todd Pletcher and ridden by jockey John Velazquez, two of the best in the horse racing business.

8. 2019 Kentucky Derby - $51,400.10

  • The 2006 Kentucky Derby 
In the 2006 Kentucky Derby, two horses tied for fourth place. That is known as a dead heat in horse racing. One of the horses, Jazil, went off at odds of 24.20 to one. The other horse, Brother Derek, was odds of 7.70 to one.
When horses dead heat in a race, double payouts have to be made. So there were two superfecta payouts for the 2006 Kentucky Derby. One with Jazil in the fourth spot, the other with Brother Derek in the fourth place.
Neither payout makes this list, but had Jazil hung on to fourth place by himself, the 2006 Kentucky Derby would have made this list of highest superfecta payouts in Kentucky Derby history.
Note: Joe Dorish wrote this article and published it on a Yahoo! site  in 2011. That site was shutdown by Yahoo! in 2014. Joe Dorish then published the article on Examiner which went under in 2016. Some website called Fat Vox has since republished this article word for word without any permission from Joe Dorish who has updated it and re-published it on May 1, 2017 on his own sports blog.

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