Sunday, April 23, 2017

Photos of Tennis Star Maria Sharapova in 2018

Maria Sharapova is a very pretty woman tennis player from the Russia who has won a career Grand Slam. For tennis fans from all over the world here are some great photos and information about Maria Sharapova in 2018.

                                   (Photo by Tourism Victoria)

Maria Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987, in Nyagan, Russia. Her family moved to Sochi, Russia when Maria was two years old.

                                 (Photo by Mike McCune)

When Maria Sharapova was just eight years old she and her father moved to the United States to further her tennis career. At age nine, Maria entered the IMG Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

                                          (Photo by Hanson K Joseph)

In 1994, at the age of 17 Maria Sharapova won her first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon.

                                             (Photo by Chris Eason)

In 2006, Maria Sharapova won the U.S. Open. In 2008 she won the Australian Open and in 2012 she completed a career Grand Slam winning the French Open.

                                         (Photo by Chris Gampat)

Maria Sharapova also won the French Open again in 2014 giving her five career Grand Slam singles titles.

So far in her tennis career, Maria Sharapova has won 36 WTA singles titles. Her career earnings are over $37 million and Maria Sharapova has earned around 10 times that amount from endorsements.

Maria Sharapova was the highest earning woman athlete in the world when she was suspended in early 2016 for taking meldonium. Meldonium was not a banned drug until 2016 and Maria has been taking it on and off for 10 years. She was originally suspended for two years but on appeal the ban was reduced to 15 months and she returned to action in late April of 2017.

                                         (Photo by Christian Mesiano)

Anti-doping expert Don Catlin has publicly stated that there's zero evidence meldonium improves performance.

                                              (Photo by Miyagawa)

Hope you enjoy the photos of Maria Sharapova. She is a very pretty woman athlete. If you have never seen her in person Maria is a striking woman who stands 6' 2" tall.

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