Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Photos of Grand Slam Tennis Champion Alona Bondarenko in 2017

Alona Bondarenko is a very pretty woman tennis player from the Ukraine who is a Grand Slam winner. For tennis fans from all over the world here are some great photos and information about Alona Bondarenko in 2017.

                                        (Photo by robbiesaurus)

Alona Bondarenko was born on August 13, 1984, in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. 

                                               (Photo by Pascalre)

So far in her tennis career, pretty Alona Bondarenko has won two WTA singles titles and four WTA Doubles titles.

                                          (Photo by Markabq)

Alona Bondarenko has earned some $3 million in prize money in her career. Women tennis players can earn very good livings these days.

                                           (Photo by Christian Mesiano)

In singles play, Alona has reached the 3rd round at all four Grand Slam tennis tournaments and her best showing is the 4th round at the Australian Open.

                                       (Photo by Christian Mesiano)

In doubles play, Alona Bondarenko is a Grand Slam tennis champion as she won the doubles title at the 2008 Australian Open with her sister Kateryna.

                                  (Photo by Christian Mesiano)

Hope you like the photos and watch for Alona Bondarenko at her tennis tournaments this season.

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