Sunday, March 19, 2017

CBS Sports Jon Rothstein is Worst College Basketball Analyst of All-Time

There are so-called experts in college basketball who really have no clue and then there's CBS Sports Jon Rothstein who takes having no clue about the sport he covers to new levels every year. Rothstein tries to fool everybody about how knowledgeable he is because he can tell you the 10th man on most of the teams in the NCAA Tournament each year but his awful tournament picks continually show he has no clue about college basketball.

For the 2017 NCAA Tournament Jon Rothstein said the ACC was the best college basketball league in the history of the sport this season. That is truly laughable as the ACC got 9 teams into the tournament and only one of those teams (North Carolina) advanced to the Sweet 16. 

In his CBS Sports 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket Jon Rothstein picked Louisville to win the tournament beating Duke in the final game. Neither Louisville (lost to #7 seed Michigan) or Duke (lost to #7 seed South Carolina) even made it to the Sweet 16. Rothstein had South Carolina losing to Marquette in the first round.

Making horrible NCAA Tournament predictions is nothing new for Jon Rothstein. In 2015, he picked Iowa State to make it to the Championship game and Iowa State lost in the first round to UAB. 

That was pretty bad but saying that the ACC is the best league in college basketball history in 2017 is far, far worse. How wrong can you possibly be when you say the ACC is the best league in college basketball history and the conference only gets one team into the Sweet 16? 

In 1985, the old Big East got three teams (champion Villanova, runner-up Georgetown and St. John's) into the Final Four. If the ACC was the best league in college basketball history in 2017 as Jon Roithstein said than the conference would have had to at least match that feat and with only one team in the Sweet 16 it ain't gonna happen in 2017.

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