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What Other Two Numbers Besides 23 did Michael Jordan Wear in the NBA?

Almost all basketball fans know that Michael Jordan famously wore the number 23 during his brilliant NBA career. But Michael Jordan also wore two other numbers besides number 23 during his NBA career. Do you know what those two numbers are?

This is a great NBA trivia question especially since it concerns Michael Jordan who many NBA fans consider the greatest player in league history.

What Other Two Numbers Besides 23 did Michael Jordan Wear in the NBA?

When Michael Jordan retired the first time from the NBA after the 1993 season the Chicago Bulls retired his number and NBA rules stated that a retired number cannot be worn. So when Michael Jordan decided to un-retire and come back to the NBA in 1995 after a stint playing minor league baseball for the Birmingham Barons in the Chicago White Sox minor league baseball system, MJ chose to wear the number 45.

Michael Jordan chose the number 45 because his brother used to wear that number in high school, and it was Jordan's number in minor league baseball with the Birmingham Barons. Michael Jordan batted .202 with the Birmingham Barons in the Double AA Southern League and he hit 3 home runs and drove in 51 runs playing in 127 games in 1994 at age 31.

After the 1995 NBA season the league either changed its rule about wearing a retired number or made an exception for Michael Jordan because he went back to wearing number 23 in 1996 and he continued to wear 23 for the rest of his NBA career with the Bulls and Washington Wizards. 

However was there was another time during his career when Michael Jordan played a NBA game wearing a different number than 23. On February 14, 1990, the Chicago Bulls were in Orlando to face the Magic. Before the game, someone stole Michael Jordan's game jersey and the Bulls did not have another one for him so Michael Jordan played the game wearing a number 12 practice jersey that didn't even have a name on it.

During the game, Michael Jordan took out his frustration over the stolen jersey on the Magic as he scored 49 points wearing a number 12 practice jersey with no name on the back. 

So the answer to the Michael Jordan NBA trivia question of what other two numbers besides 23 did Michael Jordan wear in the NBA are numbers 45 and 12.

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