Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Top Female Models from Albania in 2017 (Photos)

Albania is country of some 3 million people and some of those people are very pretty women who are models. Here is a list and photos of the top female models from Albania in 2017. Hope you like the list and photos and watch for these very pretty women models from Albania this year.

                                                   (Photo by Vincent Peters)

Floriana Garo

                                                     (Photo by Floriana Garo)

Emina Cunmulaj

                                                       (Photos by Art Comments)

Aferdita Dreshaj

                                                        (Photo by Aleexiz)

Breanne Benson

                                                        (Photo by Toglenn)

Bleona Qereti

                                               (Photo by Vincent Peters)

Anjeza Shahini

                                                     (Photo by Consha2015)

Grida Duma

                                                   (Photo by Kevjassintkevin)

Suada Saliu

                                                   (Photo by Speedracer05)

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