Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fallacy of the College Football Playoff System Exposed in 2016

With the announcement that Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington are the four teams in the 2016 College Football Playoff, the whole fallacy of the system producing a real champion in college football has been exposed. Here's why that is true.

                                                 (Photo by Bobak Ha'Eri)

1. Washington badly lost to USC less than a month ago

On November 12, 2016, the USC Trojans easily defeated the Washington Huskies by a score of 26-13. The game was played at Washington and anybody who watched the game could clearly see that USC was a much superior and far more talented team than Washington is.

How can you have a true playoff where one of the four teams is clearly inferior to a team not in the playoff? If USC and Washington played again, USC would be the clear betting favorite in the game. USC did lose very badly to Alabama in its first game of the season, 52-6, and then lost two of its next three games but since then the Trojans have reeled off 8 straight wins and only one of those games was even close (vs 10-3 Colorado). 

USC has as much talent on its roster as just about any team in college football and once the team jelled after their fourth game they have been as good as any team in college football and clearly deserves a chance to show that and certainly deserves the chance to show that over a Washington Huskies team they easily beat on November 12.

2. Penn State deserved and earned the chance to prove they are the best team in college football in 2016

Like USC, Penn State did not have a great start to its season as the Nittany Lions lost to Pitt in their second game of the season and then badly lost to Michigan, 49-10, in its fourth game. But since that loss, Penn State, like USC, has been as good a team as anybody in college football including a 24-21 win over Ohio State who is in the college football playoff.

I'm not arguing here that Ohio State should not be in the college football playoff, but clearly a Penn State team that has reeled off 9 straight wins including a win over Ohio State deserves and earned the right to to see if they are the best team in college football in 2016.

Do you see the fallacy in the idea that the College Football Playoff will produce a champion in college football in 2016? Neither USC or Penn State started off the season well, but since October 1st both USC and Penn State are undefeated and both teams each defeated one of the teams in the college football playoff. 

Without the inclusion of both of those teams how can anyone consider the College Football Playoff to be a real and true playoff system? It's not a real playoff system determined by what teams have done on the field or both USC and Penn State would be in.

In a true playoff system that would determine a real champion in a sport, teams would be able to have a bad start to a season but then to jell and defeat all comers over the last 3/4's of the season against top competition and compete for the championship, That's how it works in professional sports like the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. That is not how it works in college football today.

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