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Cities in United States with Most Professional Sports Teams

The following is a list of the cities (metro areas) in the United States that have the most major professional sports teams. All teams

from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB are included. 

I'm not including soccer teams because that sport has yet to achieve the level of popularity to warrant inclusion. I do think there is a chance that major league soccer will reach the level of the other four sports, but it's not there yet.

Cities in United States with Most Pro Sports Teams (NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB)

1. New York - 9

The New York City area easily has the most professional sports teams of all the cities in the United States with nine. That includes two NFL teams (New York Jets and New York Giants), two NBA teams (Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks), three NHL teams (New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, and New York Islanders), and two MLB teams (New York Yankees and New York Mets).

I live in the New York City area, and we definitely have professional sports overload around here. There is always something going on around at least one of the pro sports teams in New York, which is great for a sports fan like me.

I went to college in Boston, and the difference between the two cities in terms of sports reporting is vast. In Boston, the reporting can go into depth about one of their teams because there's not that much else going on, and college teams get more air time. In New York, the reporting is spread all around unless a controversy erupts, and college teams get very little air time.

New York City is the largest metro area population city in the United States with some 20.2 million people.

2. Los Angeles7​

The Los Angeles area has seven​ pro sports teams, which is ​the​ second most of all the cities in the United States. The LA area has two MLB teams (Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels), two NBA teams (Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers), and two NHL teams (Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks)
​ plus the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL who just moved back to the City of Angels.​

Los Angeles is the second largest metro population in the USA with 13.4 million people.

T-3​. San Francisco - 6

The San Francisco area has six professional sports teams. That includes two NFL teams (San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders), two MLB teams (San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's), one NBA team (Golden State Warriors), and one NHL team (San Jose Sharks).  SF is the 11th largest metro area population city in the United States with 4.7 million people.

T-3​. Baltimore-Washington, D.C. - 6

The Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area also has six pro sports teams. That includes two MLB teams (Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals), two NFL teams (Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins), one NBA team (Washington Wizards), and one NHL team (Washington Capitals). 

T-5. Chicago - 5

The Chicago area has five professionals sports teams. That includes two MLB teams (Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox), one NFL team (Chicago Bears), one NHL team (Chicago Black Hawks), and one NBA team (Chicago Bulls). Chicago is the 3rd largest metro population city in the country with 9.6 million people.

Why does Chicago have two major league baseball teams, but only one team in each of the other major sports in the United States?

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