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Women Tennis Players from Germany in 2017 (Photos)

Here is a list of all the women tennis players from Germany who are active in 2017. Also included are photos which show just how attractive these women tennis players from Germany are. The list includes a new Grand Slam tennis champion and #1 player ion the world as Angelique Kerber won the Australian Open and the U.S. Open in 2016.

Hope you like the list and photos of these attractive women tennis players from Germany in 2017.

                                                   (Photo by Charlie Cowins)

                                            (Photo by Robbie Mendelson)

Julia Goerges is a very attractive woman tennis player from Germany who has earned over $5 million so far in her WTA tennis career.

                                                      (Photo by Stefan Brending)

With her two Grand Slam wins in 2016, Angelique Kerber has now earned almost $20 million in prize money on the WTA Tour.

Sabine Lisicki

                                                (Photo by Robert Hensley)

Sabine Lisicki is approaching the $7 million mark in career earnings. Sabine made the finals at Wimbledon a few years ago.

Andrea Petkovic

                                                    (Photo by Tatiana)

Andrea Petkovic is arguably the fittest woman tennis player from Germany in 2017. Andrea is rapidly approaching $6.5 million in career earnings.

Carina Witthoeft

                                                          (Photo by Pulv)

Carina Witthoeft just moved past the $1 million mark in career tennis prize money earnings.

Annika Beck

                                                          (Photo by Diliff)

Annika Beck has earned just about $2 million in prize money so far in her career.

Antonia Lottner

                                                           (Photo by Stefan Brending)

Laura Siegemund

                                                           (Photo by si.robi)

Has earned $1.2 million so far in her tennis career.

Dinah Pfizenmaier

                                                  (Photo by Stefan Brending)

Anna-Lena Gronefeld

                                                            (Photo by si.robi)

Tatjana Maria

                                                           (Photo by si.robi)

Tatjana Maria has now earned some $1.7 million in her pro tennis career.

Anna-Lena Friedsam

                                                 (Photo by Stefan Brending)

Has career earnings of $1.1 million.

Anne Schafer

                                                            (Photo by si.robi)

Lena Ruffer

                                                  (Photo by DonPedro71)

Katharina Lehnert

                                                           (Photo by Wolbo)

Julia Babilon

                                                    (Photo by Carschten)

Katharina Hobgarski

                                                        (Photo by robbiesaurus)

Nina Zander

                                                        (Photo by Stefan Brending)

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