Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How Much Money Do NFL Football Players Make Per Game On Average in 2016?

The NFL is a big business which will rake in over $13 billion in revenues during the fiscal 2016 season. But how much money does an average NFL football player make per game?

How Much Money Do NFL Football Players Make Per Game On Average in 2016?

The answer to that is a relatively simple $131,250. That is how much on average each NFL football player makes per game. To get that figure I took the average NFL salary for the 2016 season which is $2.1 million and divided it by 16 games.

Keep in mind that the average amount a NFL football player makes per game is $131,250 in 2016 but that takes into account all players and all salaries for 2016. Andrew Luck is the highest paid NFL player in 2016 with a salary of $23.33 million, so Luck is making $1.46 million per game.

The minimum salary for a NFL player in 2016 is $450,000. So each player earning the minimum is making only $28,125 per game in 2016. The figure of $131,250 per game as the average for NFL players in 2016 takes into account the highest paid players like Andrew Luck along with the players making the minimum salary of $450,000 this season.

All the money mentioned here does not include endorsement money players are also earning. Some players make considerable money from endorsements but most make little or nothing and all of their income comes from salary. The money listed here also does not include playoff money that players earn when their team makes the playoffs and advances.

In 2016, all the winning players from the Super Bowl on the Denver Broncos roster got $97,000 each while the players on the losing Carolina Panthers team got $49,000 each. None of that playoff and Super Bowl money is included in the average game salary for NFL players in 2016 of $131,250.

So if you want to look smart this weekend while watching a NFL game with your friends just tell them that on average each player in the game is making $131,250 for playing in the game.

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