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5 Amazing Biking Loops to Ride in the United States in 2017 (Photos)

Biking is a tremendous way to get exercise and see amazing sites at the same time. Here is a list of five amazing biking loops to ride in the United States. Also included is a slideshow of photos showing some of the amazing sites that bikers will see along these loops.

All of these loops are paved roads and they go around some of the most amazing scenery in the United States. The loops range from 17 miles to 68 miles. All of these biking loops can be done in one day and some of them can be done in a few hours depending upon how much time one wants to take seeing the sites along the way. Hope you like the list and enjoy the amazing photos in the article.

  • Monterey Peninsula 17-mile loop

Located on the Monterey Peninsula along the coastline in central California is the world famous 17-mile drive loop. This amazing loop takes bikers past world famous golf courses like Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill and Cypress Point. Other amazing sites to see along the route for bikers are the famous Lone Cypress Tree, Bird Rock, Pescadero Point, Seal Point where you are almost certain to see seals sunning themselves and tons of amazing views of the Pacific Ocean coastline. This 17 mile loop ride will not disappoint any bike riders.

  • Crater Lake 33-mile loop

Located in Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon is the amazing 33-mile loop that goes right around the caldera rim of Crater Lake. The lake itself was formed almost 8,000 years when Mount Mazama collapsed during a volcanic eruption and Crater Lake formed inside the resulting caldera as it was filled with rain water. The views bikers get riding along the 33-mile rim drive in Crater Lake are spectacular. This bike ride loop does take place at elevations well over a mile in height and bikes will have some climbs and descents along the way but it's an amazing ride.

  • Colorado National Monument Rim Rock Drive 33-mile loop

The Colorado National Monument Rim Rock loop is 33 miles long. A portion of this loop bike ride does take riders outside of the monument for about 10 miles and bikers must have visible front and rear lights because you will be biking through a few tunnels but the views along this route cannot be beat. Located near Grand Junction, Colorado, the Colorado National Monument Rim Rock Drive loop offers bike riders amazing views of spectacular canyons while riding along the upper rim of the Colorado Plateau. You will not be disappointed with the views here (see photos).

  • Grand Tetons 42-mile scenic loop 

Located inside Grand Teton National Park is a 42-mile long scenic loop that takes bikers through the park offering magnificent views of the mighty Grand Tetons mountains as well as Jackson Lake, Jenny Lake and along the Snake River. The great thing about this bike ride loop is that it's pretty flat but it offers unobstructed views of the amazing mountains and scenery. Bikers will likely see plenty of wildlife along the loop including possibly even a grizzly bear as well as antelope, elk, bighorn sheep, wolves, coyotes, moose, bald eagles and much more. You will know where the wildlife is along the loop because the tourists will be parked alongside the road to view the animals.

  • Lake Tahoe 68-mile scenic loop

Ambitious bikers can take a 68-mile loop ride around beautiful Lake Tahoe along routes 89, 50, and 28 that goes through both California and Nevada. Along each of the roads are spectacular views of amazing Lake Tahoe sometimes from heights above the lake and other times from right along the shoreline. This is the longest of the loop bike rides listed here and will take most riders the better part of a day to complete but their are many towns and places along the way to stop for lunch and refreshments including some casinos in Nevada.

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